Snohomish Bigfoot:
G06A- Champions

Harbor Tyee Cup:
G10- Champions

Eastside FC Cup:
B04A- Finalists

RedApt Cup:
G04A- Champions

Rimland Challenge:
G08A- Finalists
B08B- Champions

Rush Cup:
B10B- Finalists
B08A- Champions
B08B- Champions
G06A- Finalists
B06A- Champions
G05A- Champions

Oswego Nike Cup:
G06A- Semifinalists

Santa Cruz Academy Breakers Cup:
B04B- Finalists

Surf Cup:
G00A Undefeated in U19 Super Black W1-T2-L0
G04A Winners of U15 Super White Showcase C (3-0)

Starfire Sounders FC Cup:
B02A- Finalists
G03B- Finalists
G04B- Finalists
G08A- Champions

Crossfire College Showcase:
B04A- Semifinalists

Kent Cornucopia:
B08A- Champions
B08C- Finalists

Snohomish Invitational:
B06B- Finalists
B07C- 3rd place

Seattle Cup:
G02B- 3rd place 

Missoula Intermountain Cup:
B06A- 3rd place

Clash at the Border:
B08B- Semifinalists 

Rainier Challenge:
G02A- Champions

Baker Blast:
G05A- Finalists

Rainier Valley Classic:
G08A- Champions