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Player Spotlight- Deniz

PLAYER SPOTLIGHT- Deniz Muhittinoglu At the age of 12, Deniz Muhittinoglu (Surf B05) has already served as a referee in over 125 youth soccer matches. This year, Deniz was the youngest referee working at the Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) State Cup, including semifinal and final matches. Deniz officially became a referee in October 2016, [...]

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5 Questions with Coach Simon

FIVE QUESTIONS WITH COACH SIMON What is your favorite age group to coach and why? I enjoy coaching all age groups because I get to spend time working on different parts of the game. When I coach the youngest ages I get to show a lot of examples and watch players develop a [...]

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5 Questions with Coach Serwaah

FIVE QUESTIONS WITH COACH SERWAAH What is your favorite age group to coach and why? I enjoy coaching the younger ages because it all about coaching the ABCs of soccer. Laying down that foundation that will carry each player through their entire soccer career. What is the most important part of a player's pre-match [...]

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State Cup 2018 Results

2018 State Cup Results Congratulations to all of our teams on their success during the 2018 Washington Youth Soccer President's Cup and Championship Cup! Next stop... US Youth Soccer Far West Regionals in Honolulu. G99a- Semifinalists G00a- CHAMPIONS* G01a- Semifinalists G03a- Semifinalists* G03c- Semifinalists G04a- FINALISTS* G04b- Quarterfinalists G05a- Quarterfinalists G06b- [...]

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Why Surf?

Why Surf? Let’s assume for a minute that, like most premier soccer families in our area, you are in “coach shopping” mode right now. Hopefully you've already checked out our slate of world-class coaches, but maybe you are still on the fence about what's best for your player? We’d like to take this opportunity to talk [...]

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