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Greater Seattle Surf Soccer Club Announces Major Rebranding Greater Seattle Surf Soccer Club, based in Bothell, WA, today announced a major rebrand. Beginning April 1, 2019, Greater Seattle Surf Soccer Club will operate as Sound Football Club (Sound FC). Sound FC will still be based in Bothell, WA and will still be chartered [...]

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Understanding "Hand Balls" One comment I receive from several coaches and parents at all levels is the lack of 'hand balls' being called. We teach referees to be aware of several aspects of ball to hand contact and that not all contact is guilty of ‘handling’.  Most scenarios  are just ball hitting the hand [...]

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BEING IN THE MOMENT You have probably heard that it is important to be “in the moment”.  You might have a general idea of what the means, but maybe not really know what it is or how to do it better. In psychology, we often talk about being in the moment when we [...]

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