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Greater Seattle Surf Soccer Club is the fusion of two highly successful premier soccer clubs—Northwest Nationals and FC Alliance – brought together by a shared vision to become the best player development club in the region.

As home to roughly seventy teams and nearly 1,000 Puget Sound area soccer players we are committed to helping each of our young athletes reach their fullest potential, on and off the field. We do this by providing professional coaching; creating a fun, positive and challenging environment; and collaborating with our players, parents, staff and alumni to encourage and promote high ethical and academic standards, respect, and community involvement.

Beginning in 2016, GS Surf will be the sole premier soccer club chartered by Washington Youth Soccer to represent the South Snohomish County and Northshore Youth Soccer associations at the highest level of club play in Washington, the Regional Club League.

Beyond the state of Washington, GS Surf teams compete against the top teams from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Montana and British Columbia in U.S. Soccer’s Far West Regional League and in the U.S. Soccer U12 Development Academy. Further our teams have opportunities to compete against the best teams from around the United States at some of the most prestigious tournaments in the country.


“Better Coaches and a better training environment makes better players.  At GS Surf, we have full time staff whose only focus is the ongoing development of our players as well as the professional development of our coaching staff.  The responsibility of raising coaching and playing standards together provides an edge that is unparalleled.”

-Paul Bayly, Greater Seattle Surf Director of Development


“At GS Surf, we feel that a club should be bigger than just a collection of individual teams.  We feel it should be each of those teams becoming part of our whole club experience.  This creates a feeling of unity, of purpose, and, most importantly, of family.  Both NW Nationals and FC Alliance have striven to create a family based culture in our two clubs.  This is one of the reasons a merger has been viewed so positively.  We share the belief that you can be competitive, developmental, and family based all at the same time.”

-Scott Newman, Greater Seattle Surf Technical Director


As part of the merger, the club has signed an affiliation agreement with San Diego’s Surf Soccer Club, one of the country’s top youth soccer clubs. The affiliation with Surf will provide a number of benefits to the club and its members, including coaching resources, advanced play opportunities, uniform discounts, and administrative resources.

“The resources and opportunities available through our affiliation with Surf Soccer Club will be a tremendous benefit to our players growth and and their families’ experience with the club.”

– Tom Campbell, FC Alliance President

Jayden-11-smAmbition: The drive and motivation of our players and coaches inspires and is integral to our excellence. We are committed to working hard every day while developing patience, discipline, respect, and responsibility.

Diversity: Diversity is at the heart of our program, and is what drives us to excellence. We value and welcome different personalities, cultures, backgrounds, genders, languages and styles. Our differences allow us the opportunity to be open, understanding, and accepting of all. Everyone is a unique individual in the GS Surf community.

Integrity: Our actions embody respect for ourselves, our teams, our opponents, our coaches, our families, and our community. We strive to be the best and play as the best.

Teamwork: We create a culture that values collaboration to achieve success both on and off the field. Each player, coach, parent, and alumni strives to be the best to make the GS Surf community our strongest.
Our values drive our practices at GS Surf SC.

Ashley-4-smGS Surf is committed to helping each of our young athletes reach their fullest potential, on and off the soccer field. By providing a professional, safe, fun, and family-based environment, players will be coached and mentored to play at their highest level in a positive and challenging arena. GS Surf encourages and promotes high ethical and academic standards, good sportsmanship, diversity and community involvement. We will achieve these goals and values through collaboration with our players, coaches, parents, alumni, and the community.

  1. To ensure that every player that desires to play premier soccer will be coached and mentored to play at their highest level in a constructive and challenging arena.
  2. To create a culture of fair play and respect that will enable you to enjoy the beautiful game in a positive atmosphere.
  3. To provide a consistent and age appropriate player development program based on the best practices in soccer, and individualized with each player in response to their learning style and personality.
  4. To establish an open level of communication between parents, players, coaches and administrators so that concerns are heard and acted upon in a timely basis.
  5. To build a community-based and family-friendly soccer program that is rewarding and fun for all involved.
ANike-Ball-high-Contrast-BW merger between Northwest Nationals and FC Alliance has been talked about for years. Serious discussion began about five years ago, but plans were put on hold as each organization continued to develop strong programs in their separate areas. However, the benefit to our members of a merged entity has never been in question and the final steps to complete the merger resumed last year. The initial discussions ensured that we held a shared vision for the club and a common philosophy on player development. As discussions progressed we outlined the goals and benefits of a merger, and addressed the potential concerns of all stakeholders including staff, our respective associations and most importantly, our players and their families. The Boards of NWN and FCA formed a joint Transitional Board to complete the many tasks required to create GS Surf early in 2015. The Transitional and staff from each club are excited that we can implement the first step of our merger with 2016 High School Boys tryouts in late February. NWN and FCA will continue their separate operations to finish the 2015-16 season and with the May tryouts, the merger will be complete. Return to this page to keep abreast of the latest developments in our new club.

Initially, we hoped that the two associations that we represent, South Snohomish County Youth Soccer Association for NWN and Northshore Youth Soccer Association for FCA, would also merge. This would provide for a more seamless integration of the new RCL club and the association that it represents. A merger of the associations will not be possible for next year, but the discussions between Associations and with Washington Youth Soccer continue. And GS Surf will be representing the two associations. We already have a successful model for this in Washington with Pacific Northwest Soccer Club (PacNW). PacNW is the product of a recent merger between two smaller RCL clubs (Greater Renton FC and Dosvedanya), and represents both Greater Renton Junior Soccer Association and Kent Youth Soccer Association.
FC Alliance and Northwest Nationals are excited to begin the 2016/2017 season as GS Surf FC. Our merger coincides with the age group realignment mandated by US Youth Soccer for next year. Join us in February for the start of the season with the Boys Tryouts for birth year 2000, 1999 and 1998.
Ashley 15Fast Facts:
  • GS Surf is the RCL club (premier club) representing South Snohomish County Youth Soccer Association (SSCYSA) and Northshore Youth Soccer Association (NYSA). The geographic boundaries of SSCYSA are the Edmonds School District. The NYSA boundaries are roughly those of the Northshore School District.
  • We provide top level player development:
    • All players have the opportunity to play at their highest competitive ability in the Regional Club League (RCL).
    • We maintain a depth in the RCL. Our top teams are highly competitive in Division 1 of the RCL. Breadth beyond our first teams that ensures that each player has opportunities to compete at an appropriate level to push development.
    • Players experience multiple avenues for success with a long-term focus on individual and team development.
    • We provide a consistent training program and curricula tailored for each age group and individualized to reach individuals. We carefully evaluate its implementation and make improvements.
    • Our coaches provide regular feedback to players so that they have a clear path for development and improvement—at training, in games, and off the field.
    • Our goal is to strengthen all teams and ensure that B and C team players regularly train and get access to play with higher level teams.
  • We are a family-friendly, community-based soccer club. We:
    • Offer events that involve the whole club.
    • Provide team building activities to support overall team character.
    • Ensure that all families feel welcome and involved in the club.
    • Provide regular avenues for parents to get feedback, participate and volunteer for the club.
    • Provide a comprehensive scholarship program that will help any committed player participate in premier soccer.
    • Follow a strong code of conduct emphasizing respect and fair play—for coaches, players and families.
  • We develop excellent coaches through a systematic program of mentoring, licensing, and professional development. We:
    • Develop technical staff who lead, collaborate and promote teams across the club.
    • Hire only coaches who have passion and energy and want to learn.
    • Ensure that coaches build communication skills with players and parents.
    • Support Coaches to continually upgrade their coaching education consistent with current standards.
    • Provide regular evaluations aimed at increasing each coach’s skill.
    • Work to improve the diversity of coaches.Jack 1