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Welcome to the Greater Seattle Surf Parent Information section. Here you’ll find information and links to resources that can help parents learn the best ways to support your child’s participation and development in youth soccer. We are working hard to improve the level of services that we offer to all of our GS Surf members and this information page is one of the ways we’re looking to support parents specifically with information on things ranging from injury prevention to development to creating positive interactions with your athletes on a daily basis. Please check back regularly for new information and links. Thanks for being a part of the Surf family. Go Surf!


Changing the Game- John O’Sullivan remembers when youth sports was about children competing with other children instead of adults competing with each other through their kids. Following nearly three decades as a soccer player and coach, O’Sullivan began working to reshape youth sports and inspire a major shift in culture. After serving as a youth coach for the Portland Timbers in Bend, he founded the Changing the Game Project and is now an international speaker and national best-selling author of Changing the Game: The Parents Guide to Raising Happy, High-Performing Athletes and Giving Youth Sports back to Our Kids. His writing has also been featured in the Huffington Post, Soccer America Magazine and The Soccer Wire. More information can be found at http://changingthegameproject.org/

SoccerParenting.com- Skye Eddy Bruce, a former Women’s National Team player, founded the Soccer Parenting Association and Soccerparenting.com. Here they provide resources on how to help parents figure out how to support their children when the underperform, make mistakes, struggle with coaches, etc. They help parents help their children develop growth mindsets and allow them to thrive during and after their soccer playing experience. They have great blog articles for parents and players covering a wide range of topics from experts in the game.

An Essential Lesson from Christian Pulisic’s Parents 

Positive Coaching Alliance- PCA focuses on developing better parents, coaches, athletes and leaders. They have a wide range of resources for parents on their blog and through their programs. Please visit the parents section here.
Winning Youth Coaching- Excellent information from coaching experts across a wide range of sports. Information is available via blog, podcast or workshops. There are hundreds of articles and podcasts covering a wide range of topics for both coaches and parents including nutrition, psychology, injury prevention, motivation, specialization, etc.

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