Our Goalkeeping (GK) Academy provides high intensity training with a high workout rate. Emphasis is placed on catching and footwork. Keepers are put through high intensity repetition technical workouts, which also include keeper-specific conditioning and mental training.

Our GK academy motto is “Make the basic saves right first!”

GK Academy includes:
– 2x a week mandatory age-group specific training unless worked out with coach ie. before a big tournament/game
– Team specific training incorporating 3-4 teams so that GK’s can get into more game realistic situations
– Monthly classroom instruction
– Quarterly guest GK coaching clinics
– Multiple GK coaches at each session
– Coordination with team Head Coaches so they know what the GK coaches are instructing and language used to be able to reinforce what is being taught
– GK Academy coaches observe matches for on-going assessments

Typical Training Session:
– 15min club-wide Warm up
– 10 min Group Demo on topic part 1 (activity and coaching points)
– 30 min Break into groups
– 5 min Group Demo on topic part 2 (activity and coaching points)
– 30 min Break into groups
*with multiple water breaks


March: Communication and Distribution
April: 1v1 / Breakaways
May: Dives (collapse)
June: Parrying and extension dives
July: Crosses & Handling – Basic intro (contour, basket, smother) plus GK conditioning
August: Footwork – Basic intro (quick feet, drop step, stance, Dive step) plus GK conditioning
September: Contour Catching – In depth (point blank saves, high balls, dives) plus GK conditioning
October: Basket Catch and Footwork – In Depth (when to use, body position, control)
November: Smother  – In Depth (when to use, difference between basket, body position, timing of going down)
December: Distribution (kicks, punts, bounce, throws) Communication (directing back line, set up wall, corner kicks, pressure situations)


Goalkeeping Academy Director
Val Seid

Goalkeeping Academy Coach
Emily Evanson

Goalkeeping Academy Coach
Lars Helleren

Goalkeeping Academy Coach
Molly Stinson