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B07 C, 04 D

Born in Mexico, Everardo Cisneros started playing soccer in grade school.  He then moved to the US to attend community college in Everett, WA.     Since then Cisneros has played on different teams including Seattle Stars FC (2007-2008) & Skyhawks (2006-2009).

Everardo has been coaching soccer for 3 years, including 1 year of assistant coaching with the Seattle Stars FC (2013-2014) & 1 year head coach for Fuerza FC (2015-2016).  He also volunteered as a trainer & coach with different volunteer programs and charities within his community. He currently has his USSF D-License

Everardo’s favorite soccer team is Real Madrid.  When he is not working or playing soccer, he likes to spend time with his family & friends.