February 6th, 2018.

5:45pm – Introduction and presentation of agenda by Sean Hansen, GS Surf BOD President

Board members and staff present: Dave Schumacher, Carolina Pinzon, Sean Hansen, Todd Hollenbeck

Objective of the meeting: to provide updates on progress of the implementation of WYS recommendations based on their review of the club completed in November 2017.

1. Communication

 Updates via blog on the club website
o Constant Contact linked to blog  Regular Team Representative meetings

o Format adopted from FCA
o Monthly team rep meetings with re-evaluation of meeting frequency in 6 months o Overcommunicationisdesiredbymembership
o Accuracy of distribution lists

 Full coaching staff meetings – introduction and presentation by Dave Schumacher, GS Surf Director of Soccer Operations

o Most recent meeting held on January 31st with focus on improved communication: coaches have a voice that is being heard

o General coaching staff meetings to be held every month on the 3rd Monday of every month

o BOD/coaches meetings quarterly
o Individual coach/interim ED meetings in progress

 Coaches have expressed their desire to move forward with the club and in a positive direction

2. Board of Directors

  •   Solicitation for people interested in filling the vacant BOD positions:  Treasurer, Vacant – Term Ends 6/18
     Member at Large, Vacant – Term Ends 6/18
     Member at Large, Vacant – Term Ends 6/18

     Member at Large, Vacant – Term Ends 6/18  Member at Large, vacant – Term ends 6/19  Member at Large, Vacant – Term Ends 6/19  Member at Large, Vacant – Term Ends 6/19

  •   Anyone interested in joining the Board should send a letter of interest and resume to by 5:00pm Sunday, February 11th, 2018
  •   There will be a nominating committee made up of 5 coaches, 4 team reps and 1 member of the Board

    o Should the committee include a 5th team rep? o Transparency of the process:

3. Directors

 Coaching involvement – coaches have selected their representatives for the nominating committee

o Team reps interested in joining nominating committee please email by 5:00pm Monday, February 12th, 2018

o Nominating committee will present candidates to BOD by Monday, February 19th, 2018

o BOD will review resumes and conduct interviews to appoint new Board members from slate provided by nominating committee by Monday February 26th, 2018

 Executive Director Search (updated 2/7)
o ED search committee has received 52 applications so far, application window closes

on February 17th, 2018
o ED search committee is working to advance timeline:

  •   First group of candidates has been vetted, some candidates have been moved into phase 2
  •   Questionnaires have been sent to 25 of the applicants and are due back Friday, February 9th, 2018

o ED search committee will narrow down the list of candidates to 5 for final interviews o ED search committee and 2 coaches (as per the request of ED search committee)

will conduct final interviews
 Coaches were selected by their peers

o ED search committee will present the final tow candidates to the BOD and the BOD will choose the new ED

 Organizational changes – presentation by Dave Schumacher, GS Surf Director of Soccer Operations

o Directors’ responsibilities have been adjusted due to personnel changes

  •   Dave Schumacher – Taking on overall leadership responsibilities at the

    request of the BOD while the ED search is conducted

    1. Directors performance reviews: benchmarks and goals
    2. Preliminary preparation of coaching slate for 2018-2019 season
    3. Preliminary budget – pay scale
    4. Foundation for incoming ED
  •   Scott Newman – Interim Girls DOC
  •   M’ily Reiter – Associate Girls DOC & Marketing
  •   An Nuon – Interim Boys DOC
  •   Paul Bayly – Director of Development & USSDA Director

4. Professional Work Environment

  •   Improved work environment in the office
  •   Improved communication within staff

    5. Questions

    The following questions were asked/answered throughout the meeting

  •   Q: Will the DA program be expanded to U15 for the boys for the 2018-2019 season?
    A: The USSDA has not made a decision on this yet.
  •   Q: When and where will the nominating committee meet?
    A: To be determined once the nominating committee has been formed.
  •   Q: What is the time commitment for the nominating committee for BOD candidates?
    A: The nominating committee will send the slate to the BOD by February 19th, 2018 at which point their work will be finished. The time commitment for the commitment will depend on the number of candidates for appointment to the board.
  •   Q: Can someone who is outside of the club be nominated for the BOD?
    A: Yes.
  •   Q: Are people who have left the club still a part of the ED search committee?
    A: Yes, and the ED search committee have reassured the BOD that the entire committee is working hard and with the club’s best interests in mind.
  •   Q: Is the new ED going to be hired before the BOD vacancies have been filled?
    A: The timeline for hiring the new ED is being set by the ED search committee. They are working to advance the timeline as to allow the new ED to have an impact on the 2018-2019 season. Regardless of the board vacancies, there are currently 15 people from the ED search committee, the coaching staff and the Board who are or will be involved in the ED selection process.
  •   Q: Can a member of the ED search committee be a candidate for a Board position? A: Yes, there is no conflict of interest.
  •   Q: What is the plan for the upcoming season for teams that have completed the 2-year cycle with the same coach?
    A: Teams that have been coached by the same coach for 2 or more years will be evaluated on a case by case basis so that the club can determine what is the best course of action for the team in the 2018-2019 season.
  •   Q: Will there be a parent survey on the coaches this year?
    A: Yes. Once we get the survey up and running, team managers and team reps are asked to encourage their teams to participate in this survey. We don’t get good data without high participation.
  •   Q: Can the survey also be provided to players in the older age groups
    A: This is a good idea. We will consider how to implement something like this to maximize participation.
  •   Q: Are new coaches being hired and when?
    A: Yes, the technical staff makes the decisions on the hiring of the coaching staff. We’ve already brought in one new coach, and others may be hired prior to hiring of the ED. However, the priority will be sitting down with our current coaches to discuss their preferences for next year. This is something that needs to happen relatively quickly as all clubs are going through their evaluation and hiring process now.
  •   Q: Will Surf ever implement a system of play across the board for all the teams in all age groups?
    A: We believe that having a system of development that parents, coaches, and players understand and buy into not only provides an identity for the club, but improves the experience and outcomes for our stakeholders. This will be a focus for the club going forward.
  •   Q: Can Surf provide a team rep meeting agenda for upcoming team rep meetings
    A: Yes, going forward an agenda will be provided to the team reps prior to the team rep meetings
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