Why Surf?

Let’s assume for a minute that, like most premier soccer families in our area, you are in “coach shopping” mode right now. Hopefully you’ve already checked out our slate of world-class coaches, but maybe you are still on the fence about what’s best for your player? We’d like to take this opportunity to talk to you about shopping for a full premier club experience. At Greater Seattle Surf Soccer Club, we’re building a club culture centered on the whole athlete and everything they need to be successful, on and off the pitch.


You won’t have to “shop” for a specific coach because our directors and staff are committed to offering a consistent product across the board. Committing to a consistent framework, plus the recent creation of age-group coordinators to provide support to our coaches as they implement this vision, means that your player will have the support and opportunities they need to grow within the club and the results will be measurable.


Above and beyond soccer skills, we are focused on developing the whole athlete and setting them up for success on and off the field and long into life. One way we do this is by bringing on Technical Advisor Darren Sawatzky, who extensively studied the specific parts of child psychology related to how kids take in information at different stages. Under Darren’s guidance, our players will learn to better adapt to situations within each phase of the game, a skill that will also serve them well off the field.

Another way Surf is committed to the whole athlete is by making sports psychology part of our philosophy by incorporating psychological principles throughout the whole program, top down. Coaches will be trained to use these principles consistently with teams of all levels so that our members not only know what we value as a club, but also what those values mean and how to act on them. Our athletes will graduate with valuable individual life skills to improve their mental game when tackling any task.


Our athletes will be given multiple opportunities to build leadership skills and apply those within our programs, starting with our Leadership Conference this June. They will be involved in club-level decision making, take responsibility for their portions of their training curriculum, and act as liaisons to the community. Coaches and directors will specifically look to identify any area where a leadership opportunity exists for the players to exercise the skills they learn at the Leadership Conference and from each other.


Because the annual prices of premier programs in our area are so similar, we know that it all comes down to what you get for your investment. We take pride in knowing that any player who enters and stays with Greater Seattle Surf Soccer Club will be getting a full-service development program that doesn’t just make them successful on the field, but also equips them with other skills to help them in life.

This holistic approach to developing your young athlete is about more than “coach shopping” for a specific individual, but a commitment from our entire staff and leadership, to invest every resource possible into a premier experience for every one of our families, the Surf way.

Choose Surf.

For tryout details or drop-in tryout information, visit our TRYOUTS page.  If you’ve already been offered a position on a GS Surf team for the upcoming season, you’ll receive registration details via email.

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